June 24-26 Workshop on Fixed Income Portfolio Management with HKSFA

Please see the HKSFA page to sign up for our in-depth 3-day workshop on Fixed Income Portfolio Management, where we work through 10 cases and practice techniques applied by top tier practitioners in commercial and investment banks, insurance firms, asset managers and wealth managers. Day 1: Bond Math and Yield Curve Modeling...

Insights, not noise

Financial news and research are full of noise and jargon, and one of the most valuable skills for practitioners is learning which numbers and sound bites are the most valuable for achieving their specific goals.  GFM Training teaches not only how to solve problems using the full market data available,...

Learning by doing

GFM Training emphasizes real-world case studies and hands-on simulations to develop ready-to-deploy professional grade financial skills, rather than academic explanations found in textbooks.  While there is no complete substitute to real world markets experience, our “flight simulator” approach rapidly develops skills and insights that would otherwise require months or years...

Offering financial markets training in Asia

GFM Training is the training and educational brand of GFM Group Limited, a Hong Kong based partnership of global financial markets experts with experience in New York, London and Hong Kong.  Watch our calendar for upcoming events covering timely market opportunities and timeless financial skills.

GFM Training: The supplement to trading desk experience across global financial markets.

GFM Training courses and seminars emphasize practice by using simulations and real-world case studies. Attendees practice solving problems in portfolio, risk, liability, and corporate treasury management by working through examples and decisions of how to implement different solutions using market instruments.

Preparing for Rising Interest Rates: 7 Strategies for Fixed Income Investors

Fed tapering is a top topic in fixed income markets, and is just the latest of the permanent bond investor's fear of rising interest rates. This 2-hour seminar compares 7 ways to position a fixed income portfolio in a rising interest rate environment for defense or profit.

Fixed Income Portfolio Management (Full 3-day Course)

Our Fixed Income Portfolio Management course uses actual US Treasury, Japanese Government bond, sovereign agency, and corporate bonds (both investment grade and high yield) in a portfolio to show how to best balance risk factors to meet goals in Asset & Liability management.

Consulting and research services under our GFM Strategy brand

In addition to our training courses, we also offer investment and risk consulting services, as well as private equity and credit research with a focus on Asian markets. .
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